* = Worth Doing (while your here)
** = Good Fun (if you're in the area)
*** = Seek Out (come here to climb this)
**** =Area Classic (local classic)
***** = World Class (get on a plane and come climb this)

! = Scary
!! = Terrifying
!!! = Horrific

? = I haven't done it, so I didn't rate it. I may attach a grade to it if I've heard one, I may put some starts or hearts on it if I've tried it, but I haven't sent this problem.

Movie Ratings: Use your own judgment and climb at your own risk. Bouldering is dangerous. All falls can be dangerous and life threatening. Still some problems are more dangerous then others and if I felt a fall was more likely to cause injury I gave it an R rating and if I felt a fall meant doom I gave it an X rating.

Since I started climbing I've jotted down notes on the boulders I've climbed, to make me take a break between goes, in 2002 I started turning the info into topos and since then madness has ensued, and here it is: My Book of Boulders, a journal of the places that I have climbed that I deemed worthy write up when I had bouldering on the brain and was stuck in front of a computer.
Perhaps one day I will make this information guide worthy, but in the mean time I consider them more like a tick list and do not claim that it will make it any easier for anyone to find these problems, reflect with any accuracy the history of the area, the quality of an area, if the area is still accessible or even safe or legal to venture into. Indeed in some cases I know these rocks are no longer accessible, and it that case I put them here as a memorial to remind myself and others to do their part to support access and protection of the boulders around them. Where I knew or heard a rating or name for a problem I tried to use it, when I didn't I used my best guess. Where I felt the danger was above and beyond the normal high levels of danger, I tried to used the movie rating system to account for this, but in the lawyer filled pond we swim in I fill the need to point out that climbing is dangerous and you should use your own judgment and do your own research as to whether area or line is safe, accessible, and within your realm to climb.
If you have better info on any of these area feel free to send it my way and when I get a chance I'll try and do something useful with it.
Alright now that I've said what I feel I need to say, here's what I want to say. Here are a bunch of boulders I've had, and continue to have a blast on. Take care of them, enjoy and send.


Topo & Photo Areas
Topo Only Areas
Names and Grades: Names and grades are a lot of hearsay and guess work. I've tried to keep the names as I heard them and many of the ratings are my best guess. I did make up names for many of the boulders to make the site navigable.
Miscellaneous Areas
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